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Harmony Dolls

What they're saying: 


"Cori Cable Kidder ... embodies the heart, soul and voice of Patsy Cline."

-Gil Benbrook

"Love this! So beautiful! Cori is the new "Disney-like" princess voice!" 

-Sue Cunningham


"Cori Cable Kidder delivers a star-making performance as country music legend Patsy Cline..."

-Stephen Stanley, StageSceneLA


"It takes an actress/singer of tremendous vitality and skill to play [Patsy Cline]. Kidder is a very special person, tall, beautiful, and possessing great vocal power and lots of heart."

-Don Grigware


"Patsy Cline couldn't be more fondly or accurately recalled than by Cori Cable Kidder..."

-Stage and Cinema


"...the must-see Kidder continually captivates."

-Stage and Cinema

"Worth the price of admission alone, Kidder captures Patsy's down-home warmth. It's hard to imagine any singer doing more justice to Cline's unique and winning style."


"Statuesque Arkansas native Cori Cable Kidder is sensation as the ill-fated hit making legendary country star with the golden soulful voice. She sings and acts beautifully capturing the tone & essence of Patsy Cline perfectly..."

-Harold Held


"I expected this to be good but it was AMAZING!!! A review mentioned that this is a star making performance for Cori Cable Kidder; this is no doubt the case. If someone in L.A. doesn't "discover" her, they've missed the boat."


"Cori Cable Kidder is a knock-out as Cline. Her strong vocal abilities evoke Cline's signature singing style in every one of the songs, but her performance is more than mimicking this famous woman. She also makes Cline a real person..."

-Gil Benbrook







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